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Client Case Studies

The Home Depot

TheHomeDepotIn a continuing effort to grow their long-term relationship with The Home Depot, a major telecommunications company wanted to create an enhanced solution for their wireless program. Manage Mobility met with The Home Depot’s IT and Deployment Center teams to discuss their program requirements. After receiving much feedback, Manage Mobility built a customized management tool, detailed process document, and an enhanced customer service tool to meet those needs. Once tested, the solutions suite exceeded The Home Depot’s expectations and led to the telecommunications provider gaining a larger share of their wireless program. Manage Mobility then deployed their Pro-desk program, which allowed the retail giant to utilize Nextel Push-To-Talk with their contractors for instant communication. In addition, the solution properly integrated with The Home Depot’s Ariba system for order automation. Manage Mobility’s Asset Tracker then capped off their wireless management program, allowing The Home Depot to track and locate devices across thousand of retail locations throughout the United States.


UNLVlogoA major telecommunications company had tried to work with a couple of their business partners to support The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), but were not getting the success they were looking for. The company then asked Manage Mobility if they could provide a unique website and link two sales support channels to support their customer. Manage Mobility developed a fully-customized University Manager for UNLV and successfully met the various wireless requirements of the university. Manage Mobility’s solution not only enhanced communication among the sales channels, but also helped maximize the telecom provider’s presence on the campus.

Army/Air Force

ARMYAFThe Army/Air ForceĀ use a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Contract to fulfill their wireless needs. As a preferred partner, a major telecom provider needed to meet all of the unique requirements of the BPA in order to properly support both branches. In doing so, they placed an RFP out among their leading solutions partners to help deliver the best solution possible. After a competitive proposal process, Manage Mobility was awarded the opportunity. The contract had several support requirements including: a customized ordering website with hierarchical approvals, dynamic reporting capabilities, a PODO management system, and asset tracking functionality. By bringing Manage Mobility into the process, the telecom provider not only met every last requirement of the BPA, but it also ensured payment processing for services rendered. In the first year alone, Manage Mobility saved the telecom company over $12 million with its Purchase Order Tracking Tool. Meanwhile, Manage Mobility’s custom solutions allowed the Army/Air ForceĀ to simplify its ordering process, enhance its PODO management, and improve asset tracking capabilities.

Delta Air Lines

DeltaDelta Air lines was struggling to manage their wireless business and asked a major telecom provider for their support. In order to create the optimal management solution for Delta, the telecom provider came to Manage Mobility for help. Manage Mobility developed some customized web-based tools that streamlined and automated Delta’s IT requirements. The new solution made it easy for them to manage their internal wireless business, in addition to their laptop program. By using Manage Mobility’s SONAR technology, Delta streamlined their wireless portfolio and enhanced the way they manage their mobile business.

National Guard

NatGuardColorNational Guard needed 4,500 mobile broadband cards ordered, processed, custom staged, and fully deployed in just 2 weeks time. Manage Mobility rose to the occasion and met their every demand. Our solutions team deployed 4,500 wireless cards to over 42 different U.S locations and Puerto Rico. In addition, Manage Mobility provided DD250 government receiving forms to speed up the delivery process at the base locations. The result was a successful deployment and yet another satisfied customer. After years of continued success, Manage Mobility continues to provide wireless service and support to the National Guard.

State of Florida

StateOfFloridaThe State of Florida’s IT team made mention that they were on Ariba and that none of the wireless carriers could provide system integration. Manage Mobility was requested to see if they could work together to develop a custom solution for the State of Florida. Manage Mobility met with their Ariba testing team, and in just 90 days, was able to integrate Manage Mobility’s State Manager website solution with Ariba. When no other wireless carriers could even offer a solution, Manage Mobility made it happen.

US Army Corps of Engineers

ArmyCorpsEngineersArmy Corps of Engineers wanted to deploy 13,000 cell phones to 38 different U.S. locations, in 7 separate waves, each with specific deployment dates and instructions. Manage Mobility stepped to the plate and met the challenge head-on by leveraging its proprietary SONAR Technology and customized staging capabilities. Making additional effort to ensure the ultimate end-user experience, Manage Mobility also created customized user-kits by bundling free car chargers and ballistic nylon cases with the devices. Manage Mobility prides itself by consistently going above and beyond for its clients; delivering exceptional value, unmatched customer service, and true peace of mind.

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

DNCThe 2008 DNC needed to order 2,500 devices and have them shipped immediately to individuals at over 40 different locations. Manage Mobility worked closely with the customer and telecom teams to have them uniquely staged, individually labeled, and shipped precisely to meet the DNC’s exact needs. Manage Mobility deployed the devices accurately, on-time, and exceeded the customers’ expectations for quality control and customer service.


I2TSI2TS had several systematic requirements in order for them to consolidate their customers billing electronically. Manage Mobility worked closely with the DTSW IT and Operations teams to develop the scope requirements and timeline to implement their request. Manage Mobility spent countless hours providing a highly customized and integrated website to communicate sensitive and necessary data electronically. Meeting the DTSW’s requirements allowed them to manage their customers in a streamlined manner and positioned them to grow their business.


NAVYNavy has a very specific process for ordering mobile broadband cards. They require strict order placement guidelines, individual labeling of devices, custom staging, highly-detailed reporting and more. For years, Manage Mobility has met these unique requirements and has built a long-lasting relationship with the Navy. Manage Mobility understands that trust is not something which is given, it is earned. The results speak for themselves.


RBSlOGOManage Mobility sought out RBS to promote ATM Manager from their suite of Wireless Manager products. As discussions mounted with the RBS executive team, Manage Mobility learned that they were managing software on over 70,000 ATMs with a DSL line instead of having wireless connectivity. RBS worked closely with Manage Mobility to begin implementation of their ATM Manager. Manage Mobility’s new offering provided a hassle-free deployment process, while allowing RBS to wirelessly manage their ATM locations and tracking service for each router. RBS is now rolling out wireless solutions to their ATM’s nationwide.

University of Arizona

UofAZThe University of Arizona had been exclusive with one telecommunications provider for 5 years and they were ready for a change to match their newly renovated campus book store. Manage Mobility presented an in-store website solution to provide their student employees a simplified process to sell devices for a new telecom provider to staff and students. Manage Mobility won the opportunity for its customized solution and quickly deployed the program using Manage Mobility’s University Manager. In addition, they developed a communications and training program to ensure Campus Book Store students were prepared to sell the new devices and services via the program.

Touchstone Energy

touchstoneTouchstone Energy needed a way to link all of their partners to a single website for their Individual Liable wireless program. Manage Mobility was able to build them a custom IL ordering website to meet all of their wireless needs. Manage Mobility then backed the entire program with a dedicated customer service and support team.

State of Ohio

Sprint | U.S. Marines | Powered by Manage MobilityThe State of Ohio had just spent a large sum of money creating an internal ordering system and now needed a telecom provider to comply with their integration. Manage Mobility was asked to meet with the team and build a wireless solution that would not only be fully-integrated, but also meeting the unique needs of the state and simplify their work load. By working closely with The State of Ohio, Manage Mobility was able to successfully meet all program requirements and deploy the solution as needed.


WSCA-NASPO_LogoIn order to meet the requirements of the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract, a telecom provider needed a strong partner. So they submitted the project out for RFP to help create the optimal solution offering for their client. Manage Mobility’s unique solution capabilities won the opportunity, and they assembled a complex, multi-state and municipality website to accommodate various WSCA requirements. It included special device and rate plan pricing, detailed reporting capabilities, and unique device needs for each individual and participating state. Seeing the need for enhanced internal communication, Manage Mobility then developed a new WSCA Contract training and education website to help support the sales channels and drive success to the program. Today, with the help of Manage Mobility, the WSCA contract has grown to become one of the telecom provider’s most successful and valued programs.