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Wireless Campus Manager™

Manage Mobility is an eLearning-focused, carrier-agnostic end-to-end packaged solution. It combines tablet device procurement, deployment, and lifecycle management services with cloud-based mobile device management. Manage Mobility provides a distinct advantage over self-managing your organization’s tablet device deployments. We offer the following three deployment models:

  • MM Procured model, under which we order devices on your behalf.
  • The Customer Shipped model, under which you order your own devices.
  • The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, under which your employees can choose to use their personal devices for work purposes.
Potential benefits

The proliferation of tablet device use within schools continues at a rapid pace. This is evident in not only schools but also in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries, where tablet devices are increasingly used to help streamline workflow processes, reduce overall costs, and provide a better end-user experience.

Manage Mobility provides:
  • A turnkey solution for deploying tablet devices across your entire district or within an individual school.
  • A packaged approach that includes key services to ensure timely deployment and ongoing post-deployment support of devices.
  • Greater control, compliance, and security surrounding sensitive data, assets, and systems.
  • A carrier-agnostic solution that supports the wireless provider of your choice.
Addressing the challenges

While the value of mobilizing your students is clear, new technologies bring new challenges. School IT groups must quickly develop and adapt to new tablet device deployment strategies, lifecycle management policies and procedures, and end-user support models related to the use of tablet devices and their multiple operating systems.

How can we help?

Manage Mobility has a deep understanding of mobility applications, networks, and devices based on years of working with customers, device manufactures, and applications providers. Our knowledge and experience enables us to address the “heavy lifting” aspects of tablet deployments. We provide a turnkey solution so you can focus on your business, rather than on the implementation, deployment, lifecycle management, and help desk activities required for the successful deployment and use of tablet devices within your institution.

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