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Expense Management

tem250Our Telecom Expense Management offering includes all of the great features of WMM, including ordering, inventory, and reporting. But this where the real ROI and savings come in as we combine these services with our leading invoice processing, audit and optimization, dispute management, and full scale customer service and helpdesk support. Any number and type of telecom bill can be brought into our application to be processed and paid on time each month. Billing errors will be investigated and disputed while services and contracts are optimized to provide the maximum value at the best cost. Our in-house highly trained support staff are available 8 to 8 Monday thru Friday, or 24×7.

Vendor management

  • Source and procure new telecom vendors
  • Negotiate contracts including pricing, discounts, and terms
  • Develop and measure service level agreements (SLA’s)
  • Special projects and CL/IL/CRIL arrangements
  • Consolidate vendors, accounts, and services
  • Carrier/account team relationship management
  • Load, track, validate, and extend contract/pricing elements

Inventory Management

  • Corporate liable (CL), individual liable (IL), and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • View/email upgrade eligibility status and activity change alerts
  • Track assets by user, device, category, and location
  • Change service requests for MACD activities
  • Validation against invoices and orders
  • Allocate costs correctly while integrating with HR, Finance, and IT systems
  • Customizable hierarchies based on any corporate structure

Invoice Management

  • Split billing between business and personal calls/BYOD
  • Process carrier billing data in all manual, paper, and electronic formats
  • Request billing inventory details, as well as data warehouse information
  • Allocate account and line item details into service types and cost centers
  • Archive and access past invoices with trending
  • Process domestic and international invoices from all carriers
  • Sort, review, approve, edit, and dispute invoices by specific criteria

Audit & Optimization

  • Invoices audited and compared to contracts as well as inventory
  • Dual validation with our application and expert team of Analysts
  • Correct billing errors quickly with status updates until credits applied
  • Full dispute management with research, submittal, and resolution
  • Optimization services include vendor, rate plan, and service changes
  • Exceptions administration with customizable thresholds for notifications
  • Issue dispute tickets directly from invoices with instant recommendations

Reporting & Analysis

  • Standard, premium, summary, detailed, and customized reports
  • 300+ report types with custom criteria and delivery options
  • Create, save, edit, share, email, and schedule reports
  • Import and export in various formats and styles
  • Sort and edit hundreds of metrics in different screens and types
  • Analysis and business intelligence give insight into environment
  • User friendly and visually appealing reports with graphs and charts

Helpdesk Support & Customer Service

  • World class implementation and operations support team
  • Multiple layers of support including onboarding, customer care, account management, ordering, and IT
  • 8 am to 8 pm Eastern and 24/7 options available
  • Tickets can be submitted via email, phone, and chat
  • Integration with internal customer service staff and systems
  • Technical Helpdesk for both wireless and wireline
  • End to end lifecycle management, troubleshooting, and resolution

Consulting & Training

  • Develop and communicate corporate telecom policies
  • Create companywide standard operating procedures (SOP’s)
  • Implementation and program support at multiple levels with industry leading experts
  • Transition between CL, IL, and CRIL/BYOD
  • Project/program management by certified specialists
  • Telecom, TEM, and WMM expertise with over 400 years of combined experience
  • On and off site resource training and internal process improvement

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