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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What does Manage Mobility provide?
Manage Mobility provides services and support for every vertical of business a Total Life Cycle Management solution for Mobility programs. Our Life Cycle support starts with program preview and set up, policies, website tool to provide online order management services, expense management, asset and inventory management, customer care service, usage monitoring, status reporting and help desk services that include technical support, account support and user support services.


Does Manage Mobility help with the Sales Process?
Yes, Manage Mobility will assist carrier sales reps as well as OEM reps to help provide a total solution or partial solution, depending on the customers’ needs, to help close the sale and provide the customer with the confidence that they will be taken care of as they require.


Can I buy a cell phone directly from Manage Mobility for myself?
Yes, Manage Mobility has a team of people that can assist you in purchasing a mobile device for yourself and your family.
Contact us at 800-931-5150.


What is Order Management?
Manage Mobility’s Order Management is a solution hosted on a unique web site that provides organizations and enterprises hierarchical management, order policy control, order process, order approval workflow, order status and reporting, customer care transactions, customer care ticket status and reporting, inventory tracking, asset management, user inventory details, usage reporting on 15 various data points, information page with every type of information, training and support documentation or media necessary.


Does Manage Mobility provide Staging support?
Yes, Manage Mobility has a staging and fulfillment operation that provides customers with device auditing, device set up, battery charging and testing, application loading, image loads, screen saver set up, kitting with accessories or other types of items. We will also include training materials, quick tips, instructions or thank you notes with each device. We safely package each device and ship to specified locations and track the delivery until delivery is confirmed. We provide email notifications to the customer to keep you informed and up to date with the latest status of your order or view it online 24/7.


Can Manage Mobility support all types of mobile devices?
Yes, Manage Mobility can provide support and management for any type of device with any type of operating system including but not limited to Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry and device types like; mobile phones, tablets, lap tops, net books, air cards, hot spots, routers, sim cards and more.


Does Manage Mobility provide M2M (Machine to Machine) services and support?
Yes, Manage Mobility has a complete solution and service support program to provide order management, monitoring services, inventory management, expense management and customer support services for any type of M2M solution.


Does Manage Mobility have a TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution?
Yes, Manage Mobility has a complete TEM solution that provides services and support for both wire line and wireless. Our REVEAL® solution provides complete expense management services, reporting, cost center and GL code level management. We can provide a SaaS model or a complete managed services model to meet the needs of your organization.


Can Manage Mobility support any carrier?
Yes, Manage Mobility can support any carrier to meet your needs and help you manage the mobile program you have in place or want to design. We have a special partnership with Sprint to provide multi-carrier services and support to customers and have those services billed on your Sprint invoice.


Does Manage Mobility provide Help Desk Support and Services?
Yes, Manage Mobility has a very experienced team of customer service professionals that provide technical support requests, account questions and any other type of device and program question you may have. We design this service to meet your needs and provide the service you require with industry leading SLA’s. The customer service team provides service based support using proprietary ticketing system that ensure all tickets are monitored, alert management system internally ensure that each ticket is managed in appropriate amount of time, our primary focus is solving your request on the first call.


Does Manage Mobility monitor usage of devices?
Yes, Manage Mobility can provide support and management for any type of consumer, commercial or rugged device with any type of operating system including but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and device types like; mobile phones, tablets, lap tops, net books, air cards, hot spots, routers, sim cards and the full suite of rugged mobile computers and rugged tablets.


Does Manage Mobility have a MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution or application partner?
Yes, Manage Mobility partners with a few MDM partners to provide customers with a MDM solution to enhance their mobile program. Our primary partner is Air-Watch and we partner with Air-Watch to provide a total solution with our Wireless Campus Manager™ solution as well as our BYOD Bundled solution. We provide a MDM Managed Services solution where we will manage your MDM application and dashboard daily, effectively becoming an extension of your IT department to ensure that your system is properly managed daily and proper action is taken when issues and scenarios arise.


What is Wireless Campus Manager™?
Manage Mobility saw the need for electronic devices to enhance and improve the education process by making sure every student has a mobile device to learn from and use to gain more information. Manage Mobility designed a turnkey solution for schools nationwide to develop a mobility program, manage the inventory and deployment, process damaged and defective devices, track purchase orders and E-Rate funding process as well as provide customer service support. The Wireless Campus Manager™ solution provides a MDM application to secure the device, a Filter solution to ensure the bad sites don’t get to the students, provide a LMS (learning management solution) to help the teacher and students with a collaborative learning environment and the tools to manage the entire process throughout the school year.


Where can I learn more about Wireless Campus Manager?
Please visit our website for more information on the complete education support solution.


Can Manage Mobility Source other products for me to complete a solution that I need for my business?
Yes, we have a team of people that will source product to your specifications and provide you with a consolidated solution delivered to you properly staged and kitted to meet your business needs.


Does Manage Mobility carry any small business or minority status?
Yes, Manage Mobility is a registered Small Business. Please contact us for more information.