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hotspotManage Mobility allows libraries to lend out Internet hotspot devices to your card holders and community members.

Digital technology has changed the way our communities seek information. Libraries have offered internet access on premise for years. Now, Manage Mobility works with libraries across the country to help close the digital divide by enabling library patrons to access Wi-Fi from their homes – through the Mobile Hotspot Checkout program.

Households do not have access to online resources and library provided education databases from their homes.

  • 30% of US households are currently without internet
  • Serving the elderly and disabled
  • Job seekers without internet
  • School children who cannot access the internet for homework

Manage Mobility delivers a completely customized support program that enables libraries to extend their reach within the community.

  • Mobile broadband service
  • Hotspot setup and custom staging
  • Custom website for account management

Added Benefits:

  • Carrier selection based on your needs
    • Unlimited data
    • Data Restriction
    • Coverage
    • Price Requirements
  • Manage Mobility’s in-house customer support team
  • Dedicated care and usage reporting
  • Content filter to remove inappropriate websites

Added Reporting
Through the Manage Tel portal you’re also able to access multiple reports that are compiled and developed to your specific needs and requests. These reports are helpful in tracking the success of the program, as well as proactively spotting any problem areas that need to be addressed.

Ongoing Support
Manage Mobility’s in-house customer support team is available to help with all administrative issues that you or your team run into. You are also assigned an Account Manager who becomes your daily point of contact person after the hotspots have been deployed. This person works directly with you as an on-going level of support.

Wi-Fi Devices
Netgear ZING

  • Provides mobile Internet access
  • Can serve an entire household
  • Can serve up to 9 devices

Pocket Wi-Fi

  • Provides mobile Internet access
  • Can serve an entire household
  • Can serve up to 10 devices
  • Defective device replacement support
  • Administrator support team
  • Post training and information documents
  • View and manage data usage

Request a demo by calling 1-800-931-5150 and pressing 5 or by emailing