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Public Sector

We work together to develop a custom MMS solution built around your unique requirements. We work throughout a broad range of large and small enterprises while partnering with many of today’s leading equipment and application providers. Whether it is hardware, software or a unique mix of today’s newest technology, we have the tools and expertise to build the right solution for any business.


Higher EducationMeet the demanding and distributed environments of today’s colleges and universities. Leverage our expertise, technical innovations, and advancements to create a tailored solution designed specifically for you. HigherEducation
K-12 EducationMeet the many challenges of K-12 institutions with the latest and greatest solutions. Leverage our expertise to improve safety and security for students, while enhancing the management process. K-12Education
Federal GovernmentMobilize workforces, streamline technologies, increase emergency responsiveness, and maintain operations continuity thru our secure and fully managed communications solutions. FederalGovt
Public SafetyRespond to emergency situations faster, while ensuring interoperability and security between agencies and departments. Integrate your communications strategy and improve your mission performance. PublicSafety
FinanceExpand operations and reach new markets without the expenses of additional facilities and staff. Utilize our proven solutions and allow your clients the freedom to do business on their terms. Finance
State & Local GovernmentImprove interoperability, refine mission performance, enhance data security, and ensure Continuity of Government (COG) with an integrated communications strategy and top-notch support.  State&LocalGovt
UtilitiesSeize the power of the latest and greatest technologies. Maximize wireless, wireline, and converged IP-based services; combined with key applications like critical voice dispatch, interoperable communications, mobile enablement and more. Utilities