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teacher-kid-tabletWelcome to K-12 Mobile Technology that is Simplified, Managed, and Secure.

Wireless Campus Manager™ builds everything you need to launch and manage K-12 Mobile Technology into ONE contract. We know from our experience creating best-in-class mobile solutions, that launching your program is only part of the challenge.

Where are the resources for the  continuing cycle of management?

Some technology solution providers launch and leave. Wireless Campus Manager™ stays. We offer schools a bundled solution that simplifies, manages, and secures mobile learning technology and stays around to manage devices and control wireless expenses.


Wireless Campus Manager™ automates the workflow process for procurement – everything you need to manage device and software requests, approvals, and fulfillment.

Source Consolidation

We work with best-in-class partners and preferred purchasing networks to bring you a complete e-learning technology solution.

Asset Management

We know that successfully managing a mobile program requires knowing at all times who has what device and what’s on it. Wireless Campus Manager™ provides administrators instant reports with a few clicks.

Wireless Usage Controls

With Wireless Campus Manager™ there are no surprise overages because we let students know when they are approaching usage limits and shut off wireless if the limit has been reached. We also provide a procurement approval tool that expedites purchasing and prevents reporting so that you can stay on budget.