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We like to consider ourselves your “Partner in Productivity!” It’s about working smarter, becoming more efficient, and enhancing group communication. In today’s business climate, mobile productivity no longer means simply having a cell phone: It’s leveraging the right mix of devices, technologies, and data applications to create industry-specific solutions that deliver results.

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Key Services Include

Order Management


Manage Mobility’s Order Management provides an ordering solution for mobile devices of all types, their service plan options, accessories and more that can be customized to your business hierarchy level to enforce user and device policy. The solution provides a complete Approval workflow to make sure that every order is reviewed and approved to prevent theft or fraud.  Now manage the status of the order, view the details of each order on the web portal 24/7.  With the account changes module, users can submit changes to their device or accounts and receive quick turnaround times with email notifications and online status tracking.

In detail:
  • Web based eProcurement portal for multi-carriers
  • Fully customizable and configurable
  • Edit devices, rate plans, options, vendors and access
  • Provisioning and porting with visual progress report
  • Pending order notifications with hierarchical approval options
  • Completed orders with full historical analysis and archiving
  • Order to inventory to invoice validation

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Telecom Expense Management


Telecom Expense Management provides the solutions necessary to process, present, validate, and pay all communications related invoices while also streamlining the work needed to accurately track the inventory. Invoices are standardized, audited, and optimized, with inventory updated and disputes filed with carriers. Vendor and Contract Management include sourcing and negotiation. Manage Mobility’s TEM program saves businesses money and removes many of the hours needed to get invoices paid on time and budgeted correctly.

In detail:
  • Invoice and inventory management
  • Wireless device management with wireline infrastructure management
  • Management of facility based voice, data, and internet services
  • Multi-carrier sourcing and negotiation of contracts
  • Accounts payable process management
  • Detailed analysis and reporting of all expenses and line items
  • Single application for all vendors, services, and invoices
  • Allocation of cost centers and accounting information
  • View cost savings month over month and YTD
  • See previous spend versus newly optimized spend
  • Tracking of carrier changes and disputes
  • Customizable reports based on nearly any metric
  • Audit of previous bills and go-forward optimization of devices and services
  • Budget, accrual and forecasting tools
  • Discovery and tracking of all telecom/IT assets complete with user, cost, location, account, and equipment details

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Asset Management


Manage Mobility’s Asset Tracker not only allows you to easily locate and track devices, but also allows you to see vital account details as well. Track assets quickly through a variety search filters; allowing you to see what you want, when you want it. Plus, view important account details such as device types, rate plans, contract expiration dates, upgrade eligibility and more.

In detail:
  • Summary of all your assets and locations
  • Contact list
  • Internet information
  • Local data
  • Inventory details
  • Set up to mirror your business
  • View usage trends
  • Manage by hierarchy

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Mobile Device Compliance

Staging & Logistics

We stage all devices in our warehouse and load all essential software and specified image load. This allows businesses to activate and deploy in a matter of days instead of months.

In detail:
  • Receive device and audit against order
  • Full battery charge
  • Device testing to ensure functioning properly
  • Ensure voice & data is working properly
  • Ensure PRL, firmware and OS are correct
  • Ensure box has complete contents
  • Capture device identifiers
  • Include customized inserts ( instruction sheets, device guidelines, etc)
  • Apply customer specific asset labels to devices
  • Bundle devices with any purchased accessories
  • Single third party application loading & testing
  • Prepare and ship with confirmation receipt
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Real-Time Monitoring


Manage Mobility’s Real-Time Monitoring offers monitoring of device usage: voice, text, 3G data, 3G roaming data.  We offer service to ping your device 4 times daily, every 4 hours.  The usage can be filtered by hierarch, location, device type and device group.  Real time monitoring provide the value of monitoring with intelligent rules engine facilitates mid-cycle account changes helping to avoid overage fees.

In detail:
  • Real-time monitoring of wireless assets
  • Configure threshold-based alerts for voice minutes, SMS, and 3G/4G data
  • Configure automated actions based on usage thresholds
  • Easily execute support requests such as rate plan changes and service disconnects
  • Monitor M2M and any wireless metric (coming Q4 2013)
  • Usage Monitoring – Virtually real-time updates to monitor your device’s data, SMS, voice minute, and international voice minute usage
  • Alerts & Rules – Receive immediate email notifications when lines pass user-defined usage thresholds
  • Device Tracking
  • Sort devices into custom-named groups
  • View metrics and usage at the device level
  • Monitor trends and historical device usage

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Manage Mobility offers solutions that are created by experts from your industry and are customized to meet your specific business needs.  We partner with only the best, most highly credible solution providers.  All components required to make your project work better are a part of our service.  We deliver application software, data transmission devices, integration services, network access and a full portfolio of support and managed services.  Our proprietary telecom lifecycle management tools help you maintain your solution with optimized efficiency with 4 Stages, Solution Design, Solution Development, Solution Implementation ad Solution Support.

In detail:
  • Monitor real-time data usage and assure through business rules that Company avoids excessive wireless overage charges
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of SIMs and/or devices
  • Financially optimize monthly spend based on actual wireless data usage
  • Manage the activation/deactivation and data plan changes for SIMs
  • Prevent DOA SIMs
  • Better troubleshoot through platform diagnostics tools (increased efficiencies in closing out a trouble ticket)

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Customer Support


We simplify the entire on-boarding process by remaining in close communication with our clients. Whether it’s ensuring order accuracy, updating order status, or setting proper expectations; we keep our clients informed every step of the way. We make all transactions with your telecom provider as easy as possible. Everything from onsite deployment and number portability; to managing phone book swaps, programming devices, and handling technical issues. But that’s not all!  We go the extra mile by providing additional support with first bill reviews, equipment upgrades, device replacements, user questions and a whole lot more. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, earning their trust for years to come.

In detail:
  • Porting / Swaps
  • Technical support
  • Device programming
  • First bill review
  • Customer follow-ups
  • 30 day exchanges
  • RMA/replacement support
  • Credit  / Asset Tracking
  • Warranty replacement
  • On-site deployment
  • Updated Process documents
  • Conduct auditing
  • Business Development Manager (BDM) support

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Wireless Campus Manager™


Your Complex World. Our Solutions.

We want to be your true partner to give teachers and students the tools they need to make mobile learning in your district a success. Whether you are launching a new mLearning initiative or managing an existing one, our scalable solutions help your district maximize the mobile learning potential. Wireless Campus Manager™ works with BYOD, 1:1 initiatives or a hybrid that gives you the support you need with all devices and all carriers to build and manage K-12 mobile technology infrastructure.

  • Maximize Collaboration: Maximize Learning Management software (LMS) and image each device with grade appropriate applications and curriculum.
  • Manage Assets: CTOs and Administrators have the ability to know who has what device and what is on.
  • Manage Security: CTOs and Administrators have the ability to enable or disable device features and push content on devices.
  • Maximize Wireless & 3G/4G: Software warns students if they are on track to go over plan and then shuts off 3G/4G before they do.
  • Maximize Secure Internet Access: Connection Manager provides CIPA compliant filtering for safe browsing and maximizes opportunities for students to complete homework assignments on their devise.
  • Launch and Ongoing Assistance: We help you build a launch plan then we stay around to help manage your program and provide help desk support.

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Companies of every size and vertical market struggle with managing their mobile programs, staying up with ever-growing needs, and protecting their network and proprietary data. Manage Mobility’s turn-key BYOD multi-carrier solution provides Enterprises everything they need in one simple product.

In detail:
  • BYOD Policy Development: Sets forth acceptable use policies
  • Registration, Administration Portal and eProcurement: Allows employees to opt-in to mobile device management and network security policies
  • BYOD Program Reporting: Allows you to keep track of who has opted in to the program so that there are no rogue users on your network
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): You can control the device as specified in your policies for safe usage
  • Stipend Management: Manage BYOD employee reimbursement and stipends
  • End-User Help Desk Support: Support for end-users on basic BYOD and MDM questions
Additional Features Available:
  • Staging & Logistics: We stage all devices in our warehouse and load all essential software and specified image load

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