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Lisa Watkins
I have been working with you and your team for quite some time and have always been so impressed with the level of service I receive. It means so much to know if I hand something off to MM it is going to be done and it is going to be done well. This week I had several ports for a new air force account to be completed. I had a MSgt call me very frustrated that his phone was not working. At the time he called, I was walking into another customer appointment. I called MM and asked if I could get some assistance with this issue. Without any hesitation, Jason Southard spoke up and said he would call the customer and get it taken care of. After I got out of my appointment I had an email from the customer, MSgt Wesson, and this is what it said:

You are the WOMAN and Jason is the MAN! :)

Signed, Aaron A. Wesson, MSgt, USAF

So once again, just another example of what a great job you and your team do. Thank you and I appreciate it very much!”

Jennifer White
Jennifer White Sprint Federal Account Executive
Thank you Cynthia, Ashley, Al, Peggy, Jason and Derrick for an amazing TX National Guard Recruiters Phase I deployment! I truly appreciate all the work and time each of you spend preparing this week, last night and today!! Special kudos to both Cynthia Gonzales and Derrick Haley for working super late last night – 11:30 p.m. on the additional ports and a few last minute changes that had to be corrected for the 7:30 a.m. porting times this morning. The Guard’s comments were all positive thus far even after a few additional last minute changes this morning that the Guard threw at us but everyone seemed to do an awesome job with being on top of the situation and making things happen. 167 lines activate (both activations and ports) today and the balance of the 232 lines for Monday. I’m proud of having a great support team both internationally and with our partners – Manage Mobility. Thanks again Team!”
Bob Dedinsky
Bob Dedinsky American Greetings
Good afternoon gentlemen, first I want to give kudos to Ashley and the MM team. Too often we don’t learn of the good things are vendors do for us, below is a great example of how MM is helping us avoid large overage charges. I would suggest MM keep this on a monthly basis and send us a summarized monthly report of these types of things. Not only is it good for MM, but it allows us the opportunity to show the real value we are getting. I know we cancelled 30 hot spots previously due to non-usage, Ash identified another 30 lines we are probably going to cancel this month for the same reason. I’m sure there are other examples that can be noted. Thanks for all the hard work and effort your team is putting in for us.”
Deron Anthony
Deron Anthony Army Reserves Career Division, IM Branch
The reason I am emailing you is because I want to compliment 2 of your employees Felicia Kelley and Jason Jackson. We have been going through a mass Phone swap with our Command (ARCD) and they are helping us meet a deadline with their effort. Our customers demand a quick turnaround and we always get a prompt reply from Felicia and Jason. I have always been pleased with the service I receive from Felicia and Jason. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. It is a joy to work with the mobility management team and I wanted to send my appreciation for the work they do.”
Mary Rivera
Mary Rivera P-REP, Federal
I was first introduced to Manage Mobility by the Air Force CE who advised me that they were available to help with issuing my orders and with deployment of large projects that had special requirements that we could not do internally. I met with the team at Manage Mobility and provided them with the customer requirements; they provided me with a comprehensive process document and then they processed the order with no errors. I have been working with Manage Mobility for over a year and a half now and the one thing that remains constant is their flexibility and their desire to support me and help me increase my numbers by allowing me to stay in front of my customers while they handle everything else.”
William P. White
William P. White Vice President, Federal Programs
Manage Mobility has earned a position as a trusted, dependable, and valued partner of which we have few. I look forward to continued success with your team.”
Mike Mason
Mike Mason Client Executive, DoD / Army
We had an issue with meeting the ARMY/AIR Force BPA requirements and heard about Manage Mobility. They came into the project and met every stated contractual need in only 2 months, that included web ordering portal, staging, and reporting. Manage Mobility really helped us accomplish a challenging project and did it without incident.”
Trina Koester
Trina Koester Program Manager, Army / Air Force BPA
Manage Mobility has done a remarkable job of inputting orders, staging devices to accommodate special customer requests, and providing monthly reporting data as is required by the terms and conditions of the Army / Air Force BPA. They continually conduct needs assessment to ensure processes are current as well as proactively developing new processes in order to produce opportunity for new business on the BPA. Manage Mobility’s support and ability to act quickly is an added benefit that further enhances the superior customer experience our company strives to provide.”
Steve Riebel
Steve Riebel P-REP, Public Sector Accounts
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to your team for all of your hard work and support. This is the first time that I have had the privilege of working with your people and they have gone far above and beyond what anyone could expect. The order that we received from McChord AFB represents the first business that we have done with this facility in years and was such an important and strategic sell for us. MM saw to it that the customer was handled with such prompt and professional service, that I’m sure this will be the first of many orders to come. Manage Mobility is a real asset to our company and our customers – Thanks again!”
Steve Larzelere
Steve Larzelere P-REP, Public Sector Accounts
I wanted to thank the Manage Mobility Team for making my 3000+ unit order a HUGE success! Your attention to detail to so many requirements and ability to roll out this many phones & data cards in such a short amount of time is to be commended. Because of your hard work and support, our company is being considered for additional units. Thank you again, I look forward to working with you on the next large rollout!”
Richard J. Odom
Richard J. Odom Area Sales Manager – MS, AL & FL Gulf Coast
We are lucky to have Teri Hale here in our own back yard and she has been wonderful to work with on new and existing WSCA customers. We have a large amount of WSCA customers in the Panhandle. One customer with a over 500 units is Escambia County. About half of Escambia’s phones were old and did not have the Direct Talk feature. The County Administrator made it mandatory to swap out any units that did not have Direct Talk to a newer device. We engaged Manage Mobility and they were able to ship all the upgrades with names listed on the box along with car chargers to the proper addresses. Since the County offices are scattered across the entire county this helped out tremendously.

On a new activation note, we are currently using Manage Mobility to help roll out Lakeview Center’s phones. This is a brand new customer with 400 new Iden units. Manage Mobility placed the order, shipped all the units individually packaged, pre-labeled with name and number and they also included a car charger with each phone. They also sent out 2 Manage Mobility reps (Teri Hale & Josh Williams) to help with the roll out, phonebook swaps and porting process. They took a 400 unit roll out and made it feel like we were rolling out 40. Manage Mobility is a great resource and has helped out me and my team tremendously.”

Scott DeLillo
Scott DeLillo Public Sector Representative
Manage Mobility has been a proven/reliable partner for the last two years that I’ve used them. They provide the “extra touch” that today’s customers are looking for. To explain, they help save my key decision makers & primary points of contact valuable time when deploying new/upgrade units, assistance with many aspects of billing, customized marketing campaigns, etc. There are also many areas in which I ask them to go above and beyond to help simplify the end user experience. For example, I have them include a Training / Set Up Sheet for the specific customer involved, the available employee discount flyer for that particular customer, and a thank you card for doing business with Sprint. They also assist greatly when it comes to swapping units, programming phones, dealing with complex number ports, all of which enhances the customer experience and provides me valuable time to manage other areas of my business!”